59K to 121K in 3 Months

Project Breakdown: Elevating SEO Content with Precision

As the designated SEO Content Editor, my role encompassed two pivotal responsibilities:

Crafting Content Outlines: Beyond the realm of ChatGPT’s capabilities, I sculpted meticulously detailed outlines. These were not mere skeletons, but well-researched blueprints enriched with SEO-fueled keywords and headings. Some outlines for 1800-word articles spanned a comprehensive 1000 words.

Collaborating directly with the company’s Marketing Specialist, we navigated the path of Topical Authority and Content Velocity. Over the course of this journey, I meticulously composed content outlines for a staggering count of 360+ articles.

Unveiling Keyword Treasures: I embarked on extensive keyword research expeditions, unearthing the gems of new content ideas.

The orchestrated symphony of well-crafted content, harmonized by the company’s adept writing team and vigilant proofreaders, bore fruit in the form of a remarkable surge in website traffic – a staggering 121K. Our initial aim was a resolute 100K organic monthly traffic, an aspiration not only met but vastly exceeded.

But don’t take my word for it; here’s what my client commended about my contributions:

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